"Roddy and crew have succeeded in creating true movie magic, of the deepest and darkest variety" 

- Videoscope Magazine

Good Boy

Max attempts to escape his trapped existence by stealing money from his work and heading to California.  Along the way he stumbles into a unimaginable world ruled by a depraved, sadistic man who controls everything and everyone around him.

"Good Boy is a stunning film…couldn’t take my eyes off the screen!”- FatallyYours.com

Red 71

Beautiful and seductive Lorraine coaxes private eye Shane into investigating the mysterious Club 71. When people start turning up dead, suspicion spreads. This highly stylized neo-noir asks the question: How far will you go to possess what you can never have? 

"highly stylized noir puzzle...Flashy, defiantly low-budget indie" - Variety


Ex con John Mercy finds the transition from prison is not easy. As he begins to settle into his new life, a mysterious woman starts to follow him and finds her way into his dreams, creating nightmares with devastating consequences that threatens his parole, sanity and hope for a new start. 

"Mercy is a bleak ride through existential torment that is irresistible…”- Rue Morgue


My film work is part of the long history  and unique American art form; the non-studio film. It is inspired by the low budget production methodologies of Roger Corman and the surreal visual storytelling of David Lynch.  The name,  Amateur Productions, comes from the writings of Maya Deren, one of America's most important experimental filmmakers.  

In her essay, Amateur versus Professional, Ms. Deren wrote, "The very classification "amateur" has an apologetic ring. But that very word—from the Latin amator, "lover"— means one who does something for the love of the thing rather than for economic reasons or necessity. And this is the meaning from which the amateur film-maker should take his cue."

As a director I have been described as dark or “Lynchian” but I am most interested in the process of making films which I view more as visual art than as narrative device. My goal is to produce quality, marketable, low-cost feature films by using affordable and accessible equipment, creating production models that work on very low budgets and explore new marketing ideas and self-distribution.  This minimalistic system is the basis for these and future productions. 


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